WhiteLabel Booking Engine

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How does it work?

Main components

Car Rental Gateway Office

  • WhiteLabel configuration for multiple implementations

WhiteLabel Booking Engine

  • Unified interface for car rental booking engines
  • Easy to integrate to third party websites
  • Configurable layout and color themes

Set up your WhiteLabel

  • Themes
  • Filters
  • Currencies
  • Phrases & Content

Add WhiteLabel to your site

A small script loads the full booking engine to your website.

Easy to integrate

Simple initialization script and proxy script needed

The rest of content and settings loaded dynamically

Configurable layout and colors

Variety of themes, layouts and size types to fit your needs

Responsive to different devices

Latest technologies

Like Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS

Configurable content

Phrase and content translations

Configuration of available currencies

Advanced user support

JavaScript API for advanced users

Google Analytics support

Track user activity to increase income

Deep linking

Deep linking to a car search or to one car

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